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Our Team.

Welcome to Altmin, a cutting-edge force in the realm of battery materials and C-LFP manufacturing. Behind our pioneering strides and revolutionary advancements, lies the driving force – our Top Management Team. Meet the visionaries, strategists, and industry experts who chart the course for Altmin's ascendancy in the dynamic world of energy storage.

At the forefront of Altmin's success is a team of seasoned leaders, each contributing a unique blend of expertise and innovation. Our Top Management Team brings together diverse talents and a shared commitment to excellence, propelling Altmin to the forefront of battery technology. Together, they orchestrate the harmonious fusion of materials science, engineering prowess, and sustainable solutions that define Altmin's identity.

In this section, we invite you to explore the profiles of the individuals steering Altmin towards unparalleled heights. Discover the stories, experiences, and insights that have shaped our leaders' journey in the battery materials and C-LFP manufacturing landscape. These are the minds driving Altmin's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and global impact.

Join us as we introduce you to the architects of Altmin's success, where passion converges with precision, and leadership meets a dedication to pushing boundaries. Welcome to the nucleus of Altmin – where the future of battery technology is crafted by the hands of visionary leaders.

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